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This company does not follow through on its guarantees and claims.The guy that answered the phone when I called had absolutely NO customer service skills, and was not eager to help me with my issues.

I'll never use theyedoctor.com. EVER. I would much prefer going through my own eye doctor and paying more money for assured quality and real customer service.

This website is a joke, and should be avoided at all costs.If they keep going the way they are now, they'll fall off the internet scene, into the www abyss, which is exactly where the belong.

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I do not know what the person above me is talking about.I have been buying many glasses and sunglasses from theyedoctor.com and I am pleased to say that I am a loyal customer.

Obviously the person above me is indecisive and does not know what he is talking about. Theyedoctor.com has friendly customer service every time I call, and the quality is excellent.

I will only buy my glasses from theyedoctor.com!Plus the shipping is quick and efficient, one of the reasons I keep going back

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