Has Poor Bedside Manner

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Not resolved shipped the wrong glasses to me and then asked me to pay for their return.Then correct glasses arrived and lens fell-out.

Customer service interrupted me on the phone numerous times, put me on speaker for office to hear and then hung-up on me without letting me finish my explanation, saying "I don't care." I have purchased several glasses from them in the past because their prices were competitive, but each time the lenses fell-out (string broke). At first, I thought it might be my fault due to use, but after this happened numerous times and the last time with a pretty new set of glasses, I thought it's not my fault any more. Then when I complain about this to the company, they cop an attitude toward me, making everything my problem and treating me very rudely.

The Eye Doctor does not have a very good bedside manner.Buyer beware!!!

Review about: Eyeglass Frames And Lenses.

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Not resolved

I first contacted on September 7th to have some Costa Del Mar Rx sunglasses made for a fishing trip scheduled for October 3rd. I was assured that there would be no problem making that deadline and the original quoted price was 377.80.

After about 15 days with no glasses, I contacted them via email for a status of the order. I was told then that they had trouble finding the correct lenses for those frames but had them in the lab and felt they could still get them to me in time for my trip.

Towards the end of September I was told that the lab had messed up the lenses and they were searching for another set of lenses.

The glasses arrived on October 16th, missing the deadline by about 2 weeks. On arrival on of the lenses wasn't even in the frame, and when I tried them on, it was impossible to see anything with any clarity. They were so bad in fact that looking through them was worse then using no glasses at all.

I again wrote to the's customer service rep and was told that this sometimes happens with prescription wraparound lenses. She suggested I take them to my optometrist to see if they could fix them.

At the OD's office, they took one look at the glasses and began to chuckle at the poor quality workmanship and pointed out everything that was wrong with them. Mismatched lenses. Misaligned within the frames. Don't fit in the frames.2 different coatings and it was questioned whether they were actually Costa lenses to begin with.

It just so happened that a representative for Costa Del Mar was expected in their office the next week and I could leave them for him to look at. He too was shocked at the shoddy workmanship and told me the only components that were actually Costa Del Mar were the frames. Now this is was the consensus of two licensed optometrist, one technician and a company representative who was formerly a licensed optometrist.

I again contacted the company and told them I wished to return the glasses for a refund, as I did not think they could make a satisfactory pair. Upon receipt, they did issue a refund of 369.85.

Throughout this order and the subsequent issues, the rep "Terri" was polite and tried to be helpful, but I got the feeling her hands were tied. I would have been helpful had they said at the onset that it is difficult to make prescription wraparound lenses. They may be able to get you regular sunglasses, but I don't think they or their lab has clue on making prescription lenses.


Original bill 377.80

Cost to mail back lenses 3.55

Refund 369.85

Out 11.50

(Not bad considering what others have experienced.)

Review about: Costa Del Mar Rx Sunglasses.

Theyedoctor - This website is a rip-off

Vestaburg, Michigan 1 comment

This company does not follow through on its guarantees and claims.The guy that answered the phone when I called had absolutely NO customer service skills, and was not eager to help me with my issues.

I'll never use EVER. I would much prefer going through my own eye doctor and paying more money for assured quality and real customer service.

This website is a joke, and should be avoided at all costs.If they keep going the way they are now, they'll fall off the internet scene, into the www abyss, which is exactly where the belong.

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I do not know what the person above me is talking about.I have been buying many glasses and sunglasses from and I am pleased to say that I am a loyal customer.

Obviously the person above me is indecisive and does not know what he is talking about. has friendly customer service every time I call, and the quality is excellent.

I will only buy my glasses from!Plus the shipping is quick and efficient, one of the reasons I keep going back

Be warned: do not buy anything from

Castries, Castries 1 comment
Not resolved

hi, i ordered some rx sunglasses from and when they arrived, after waiting a few wks for them, which is way too long, the rx was incorrect.i took them to vision express to see if they could tell if theyedoctor made a mistake, and came to find out, the rx on the sunglasses was way off, nothing even near to the rx i gave them.

i have complained and they could not give a care in the world, they have an attitude of "we got your dollars, too bad for u." please be warned, do not waste your hard earned dollars on this waste of time, poor customer service company!

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #40677

:zzz theyedoctor , has treated my needs GREATLY :zzz

Dont Buy From

Chillicothe, Illinois 3 comments
Not resolved

Stay Away from the eye I ordered my Prescription sunglasses from them.When I got them they were broken.

I send an e-mail and never got a response back. After waiting 2 days, I called 3 times till someone finally answered the phone. Costomer Service wasent very good. I have to call 3 more times to finally get a return number for this product; I informed them that I didn’t want the glasses due to poor condition of receiving them the first time.

Today I get an e-mail telling me that I was going to pay a restocking fee of 20% and that they would not give me the money back on the lenses.

Save your Money and stay away from this Dot Com!

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I wholly agree with this complaint, as I had a similarly negative experience with The Eye Doctor.In my case, they shipped the wrong glasses to me and then asked me to pay for their return.

Then correct glasses arrived and lens fell-out.

Customer service interrupted me on the phone numerous times, put me on speaker for office to hear and then hung-up on me without letting me finish my explanation, saying "I don't care." The Eye Doctor does not have a very good bedside manner.BUYER BEWARE!!!


Before you make a comment check your spell checker, then everyone will know your a valid customer, and therefore be more prone to take your advice... I think the eyedoctor is great! I've bought so many glasses from them, and I will only buy from them.


I was very satisfied with's return policy. After ordering a pair of frames I thought I would like, they were not what I expected, the people there promtly replied to my email and gave me and rma to exchange my frames at no charge to me. Their policies are clearly stated on their home page as to returns and they followed through for me!

Theyedoctor - Poor product and customer support

Old Town, Maine 3 comments
Not resolved

This is a complaint about an online eyeglasses supplier called "". I like the idea of eyeglasses online because I think the competition will bring the prices down. I just want other to know that you probably want to select a different company than this one. The glasses I received didn't work. When I took them to my optometrist, he said that the material the lenses were made from shouldn't have been used with the severity of my prescription. The LensCrafters next door told me they wouldn't have made them.

"" replied when I asked them that they only fill what is ordered, they don't check to make sure that it will work properly.

As I have checked, other online eyeglass companies provide the same advisory services as the local eyeglass places at the malls. It just turns out that "" is a piece goods shop that just fills the order you place, even if it doesn't make sense.

So, beware, "" will let you make a mistake in your order and their post-purchase support is basically, "You ordered it, we filled it, you live with it."

Review about: Eyeglasses.



:grin I have nothing ill to say about THE EYE DOCTOR.I have brought about 20 pairs of glasses from them .

Maybe i should be on GENESIS WORLD RECORD . :zzz BUT I LOVE THE COMPANY ! I will continue to buy from them .

Sorry about ALL the dissatisfied people .love and peace , ida


no you dont, you make mistakes on your prescriptions, i have experienced this first hand, so sorry i ever ordered from u, just search the net and read reviews on yourself and watch the complaints unfold, lol!

Bellaire, Ohio, United States #6828 guarantees that we fill prescriptions 100% accurately as written, which we did in this case. The problem here lies in the accuracy of the prescription obtained from the prescriber which we have no control over.

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